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5 Work Challenges We Face (because we don’t approach Work As Sacred Ritual)

With Ije Ude / Turtle Tank Co-Founder & Chief Transformation Turtle

For Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs and Radical Leaders looking for a more sustainable way to work and a more impactful way to build worlds of love and freedom.

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Learn the 5 root causes of the 5 common work challenges and take baby action steps that prepare you to approach Work As Sacred Ritual.

Who’s this for?

I made this gift for you because I struggled with each of the common work challenges for years and found little solace in the self-help section of bookstores, therapy sessions with seasoned practitioners, trauma healing spaces or the online coaching world around my work struggles.

If you ever spend hours (no exaggeration) looking for the perfect words to write or say, then end up missing a deadline, your mealtime or not finishing your work - you may be a struggling with perfectionism.

If you ever cycle between days or weeks where you are super-focused and making steady progress on your work and then days or weeks where you can’t get out of bed, need to binge watch all seven seasons of Game of Thrones or can’t look at email until you’ve deep cleaned the WHOLE house - you may be struggling with procrastination.

If you ever work seven days a week to keep up with your to-do list and get confused by words like vacation or rest - you may be struggling with over-committing and over-working.

If you ever have weeks or maybe months when you can barely get out of bed or are too tired to read the words on your screen - you may be struggling with burn out.

Why did I create this mini-course?

Well, most of us spend most of our time stressed out about work, too many of us are getting sick from it, and some of us are even dying from it all. And we can’t afford that. The world needs each of us alive and well to bring our radical work to life so we can ALL live in a more just and loving world.

What to expect?

Over the next 5 days, I’ll be sending you a short and sweet email lesson to read through with a baby action you can take to get to the root of perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm, overwork or burn out and start to change how you approach your work.

And don’t worry - I know how much you already have on your plate - so each lesson is designed to be read in 5 minutes or less and includes a baby action you can take in 5 minutes or less. (Because information without action is a waste of time you don’t have right now.) So are you in?

P.S. Friends don’t let friends suffer through work as drudgery.

If anyone you know and love struggles with procrastination, perfectionism, overwork or burn out, please share this free email course with them. Send them here to sign up for 5 days of insights and baby action steps that bring them closer to creating a work process that’s as radical and amazing as the work they want to create in the world.

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5 Work Challenges We Face (because we don’t approach Work As Sacred Ritual)

With Ije Ude / Turtle Tank Co-Founder & Chief Transformation Turtle


Why Work as Sacred Ritual?

How we work now is killing us… because we’ve taken the sacred out of work.

We can talk all day long about oppression, capitalism, injustice this and freedom that.

But when it comes to our daily work in the world, our moment-to-moment practices, interactions, processes, Radical projects and enterprises… we still operate within the frameworks of a producer/consumer culture (good old capitalism). Even and especially when our work is in the space of social justice.

We critique corporate culture yet in so many ways, we emulate its working style.

We emulate its creation process. We push, we overstretch, we agonize and burn-out. And when we can’t meet its standards we consciously and subconsciously feel like failures. Especially when our livelihood depends on it (as it often does).

Produce, produce, produce! Results, results, results! Little rest! forget play! No desire or sense of wonder! All at the expense of our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

That is what we’ve learned to do to survive. That is what we’ve been told we need to do to earn a living.

Most of us associate the process of work with drudgery. Even when we like what we’re creating, we’re often deeply frustrated and at war with THE WAY WE CREATE. So what’s the point? Especially if the outcome is really just the period at the end of a long process sentence. Why do we put up with oppressive processes and spend most of our time creating with angst, stress and frustration? To what end?

Is that really the kind of life we were born to live? A life with little joy, desire and wonder?

The truth is, most of us still use outdated creation processes inspired by either capitalism or the non-profit industrial complex and they make us miserable and unwell.

And yes some of those are dressed up as ‘radical’ and pushed on us in the name of freedom. Or… we have no conscious process at all (which can be worse).

Let’s be honest.

How many of us actually have a creation process that is as thrilling as it is effective? As beautiful as it is challenging? As impactful to others as it is healing for us?

How many of us have a creation process that is both rooted in our well-being and financially sustaining? A creation process that is stress free and joy-filled?

How many of us have a creation process that is as powerful and wonderful as the outcome, product or result we seek?

A process that does not deplete us but that brings us alive, day by day, moment by moment. A process worth waking up for every day. A process worth living for no matter the outcome.

How many of us are IN LOVE with our creation process? Not just in like, or ok with but IN LOVE.

Everything we create is an extension of the process we use to create it. Yet, we’re often way more invested in the outcome than we are in the intricate process of creation. We rush, we push, we stress, we burn out.

At Turtle Tank there is no difference between the means and the ends.

We believe that being IN LOVE with our process is what makes life worth living.

Being in love with our process is necessary for our thriving.

Being in love with our process is what brings forth brilliant, ever-emerging creations.

Being in love with our process is what founds a radical economic system.

Being in love with our process is what creates worlds of Radical Love and Freedom.

So, we developed our own nature-inspired framework to guide ourselves and others in developing their unique love-based creation process. And yes, our framework is rooted in the lineages of queer, people of color creative practice and afro-indigenous ritual and cosmosystems.

This framework brings the sacred back into the creation process.

Our framework brings the sacred back into work.

This framework was born through years of observation, on the ground and in practice. Observing natural processes like the evolution of a butterfly or the growth of a tree. Observing how the nervous system settles and how we heal trauma. Observing how radical enterprises and organizations develop over time. Observing how social change comes about. Observing the patterns of the Odu Ifa, the Yoruba cosmosystem and Elm El Raml (or the science of earth), an Arab cosmosystem.

We, the Turtle Tank community, use this framework to guide us in birthing our own unique radical, love-based processes of creation that are aligned with our values, desire and unique radical life purposes. In fact, the framework itself, as used in practice, constantly re-aligns us with our values and unique radical purpose. And of course, this framework also grounds us in our lineages -- both ancestral and the lineages of the work and practices we operate in.

Our framework guides us to creation processes rooted in love.

And with creation processes rooted in love our work becomes sacred ritual. Work as Sacred Ritual actively and practically creates worlds of Radical Love and Freedom

How we work at Turtle Tank and the different ways to join us!

We preach what we practice. All of our frameworks are born from years of practice. And all of that practice happens in collective community. We invite you to join our community wherever you see fit.

Free Mini-Courses are a quick actionable taste of what we do

Public Workshops are introductions to our frameworks

Deep Dives are deep re-alignments that center you in who you are and your desire

Collective Communities are spaces of continuous practice, evolution and development where we witness and support each other in our lives, our loves, our work, our purposes, our endeavors. We find these spaces to be the revolutionary learning and development communities. This is where we live the day-to-day of what we teach, together.

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Meet Ije Ude: the Strategist and Creation Director facilitating the experience…

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Ije Ude (Co-Founder and Chief Transformation Officer)

Ije is a health & wellness strategist and Radical Entrepreneur. She has coached Radical Entrepreneurs for the last 10 years on managing their energy and revolutionizing how they work.

Ije has 20 years of work experience in social justice and non-profit organizations as an organizer, trainer and facilitator. She has designed research-based curricula for organizations such as Girls Inc, Planned Parenthood and The Freedom institute. Today, alongside being a founder of Turtle Tank, Ije is a certified Resilience Toolkit facilitator who works with individuals and organizations to provide effective solutions to stress and trauma.

Ije has a BA in Human Biology (with a specialization in Black Women's Health and Well-Being) from Stanford University and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies. (along with many other certificates and specializations you can find out all about when you join us).

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5 Work Challenges We Face (because we don’t approach Work As Sacred Ritual)

With Ije Ude / Turtle Tank Co-Founder & Chief Transformation Turtle