Ije is a coach and facilitator. She has worked with radical entrepreneurs for the last 10 years. Ije is also a wellness consultant for social justice organizations.


What Ije brings to the table: Inner Strategy

  • How to be true to your innermost desires

  • How to manage your energy (not your time)

  • How to understand how you’re designed to do work

  • How to build new habits and create a the lifestyle you want

  • How to increase productivity (not by doing more, but by doing the right things in the right order)

  • How to stay inspired and in the flow

  • How trauma affects your behavior and sabotages your dreams



Chief Strategy Office (CSO) / Master Strategist

Samia is an artist and entrepreneur. Samia has worked as a strategic consultant for radical entrepreneurs over the last 7 years. Samia is the founder of Whale Wonder the enterprise currently incubating the Turtle Tank project.


What Samia brings to the table: Outer Strategy

  • How to know what you’re really meant to work on / your path and purpose

  • How to pick and launch a project from scratch (or many projects at once)

  • How to read the signs, take calculated risk & embrace the unknown

  • How to design an enterprise model that works for who you are

  • How to fail smartly and quickly

  • How to make $$$

  • And all the other technical stuff (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Org. Dev.)






Ije + Samia = Growing your enterprise from the inside-out & the outside-in