4 steps to practice #MeFirst

(and create a life and work rooted in Radical Love and Freedom)

LIVE On Wednesday, December 12th From 9-10pm EST / 6-7pm PST Via ZOOM

Learn the 4 steps we use to practice #MeFirst at Turtle Tank…

…and how (re)aligning with our ||Radical Purpose|| is the 1st step in the #MeFirst process of creating a life, work, projects and communities rooted in radical love and freedom.

This is an introductory class to our Radical Purpose Deep Dive. If you’re interested in applying to the Deep Dive, this is a good way to get to know us, our work and ask some questions.

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Wednesday, December 12th from 9-10pm EST / 6-7pm PST

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Why #MeFirst?

As queer people of color who identify as Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs and Radical Leaders, we are expected to serve. Most often at the cost of our own lives, even and especially in our radical movements. We are expected to meet everyone’s needs, to appease, to erase ourselves in the name of the whole, of the collective. To put ourselves last in the pursuit of Love and Freedom. Our erasure and the erasure of our desires is expected. Our self-sacrifice is consciously and subconsciously framed as “radical”.

To that we say: ENOUGH.

We will not sacrifice our lives for anyone or anything.

Our erasure is antithetical to Love and Freedom.

Worlds of Radical Love and Freedom cannot be achieved at our expense.

Putting ourselves and our well-being FIRST is key to our collective continued thriving and liberation.

Our wonderful, desire-driven, purposeful and fulfilling lives are the foundation of Radical Love and Freedom.

We must no longer sacrifice ourselves.

Yet we must sacrifice the versions of ourselves that think that love and freedom are achieved through the erasure of our personal desires, our pleasure, our well-being, our very existence.

Putting ourselves FIRST — being resourced, powerful, fulfilled and creative — is the most radical thing we can do.

We believe that #MeFirst is the first step towards a world of Radical Love and Freedom

Why is (re)aligning with Radical Purpose the 1st step in practicing #MeFirst?

As strategists and transformationalists, we have 12+ years of living proof that a practice of (re)aligning with your RADICAL PURPOSE is foundational to creating projects, enterprises, communities and worlds of Radical Love and Freedom.

At Turtle Tank, everything starts with Radical Purpose.

How come?

Three reasons:


When rooted in a practice of Radical Purpose, we move away from “duty”, from shoulds and have tos. From work that drains and beats us down -- regardless of the outcome. We move away from work as drudgery, as a place of pain, struggle and oppression. We center in desire as a force of well-being, a source of creative power, a fire that fuels us in unimaginable ways. Our labor is of and for love. Meeting and feeding our personal desires is EXACTLY what enlivens, lifts and empowers our communities (no more guilt and shame around enjoying the work we do -- and yes, it’s still work even if we enjoy it).

When living in Radical Purpose, we are able to bring our unique, sacred gifts and contributions to our communities from a place of deep fulfillment, wholeness, love and freedom rather than a place of depletion, exhaustion, stress and lack. Yes, it’s just as important to be in love with the process (the work itself) as we are with the outcomes of our work. Having a healthy and enjoyable process, a wonderful way of working, is our birthright.


A practice of Radical Purpose awakens our deepest place of strategic power from which we make the most effective and efficient decisions. It aligns us with our inner navigational compass from where all our creative ideas, strategic decisions, intuitive nudges and powerful realizations emerge. When we are present with this practice, we can eliminate unnecessary struggle and adopt the most impactful strategies that are aligned with who we are and how we work.

We become magnetic. Our people and opportunities seem to find us or we simply run into them with ease. We become responsive to opportunities that we didn’t even know existed. We embrace challenge as opportunity for growth and transformation. We embody our most creative, powerful and impactful selves.


We say that Radical Purpose is a fundamental organizing principle. It is the guiding force behind the most effective forms of organization and creation. Every system naturally self-organizes through the Purposes of its parts.

As we develop a practice of aligning with our Radical Purposes, individually and collectively, we set ourselves up to engage in the most powerful, fitting and wonderful relationships. We draw and create the most robust, resilient and creative teams, partnerships, relationships, projects, enterprises and communities.

When we organize around our unique individual Radical Purposes, we move away from the need to control others. Instead, we tap into the ever-emerging power and gifts of the unique self as a cohesive, creative force in tune with the larger collective. With that, we grow the power of our communities exponentially.

Through the pursuit of Radical Purpose, we are driven by the mysterious creative force of the universe into worlds of Radical Love and Freedom. 

Meet the Strategists and Transformationalists facilitating the experience…


Samia Abou-Samra (Co-Founder and CEO)

Samia is an artist and Radical Entrepreneur. Samia is the founder/owner of Whale Wonder: a creative playspace that grows radical systems for a more human world and the original incubator for Turtle Tank.

Samia serves as a strategist, consultant, educator and creative director for Radical Entrepreneurs (makers, healers, artists, activists, educators) dedicated to love and freedom. Samia enjoys all aspects of the creative process particularly in the areas of music/media, entrepreneurship, indigenous knowledge and radical health.

Samia has a BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (with a focus on Ritual, Medicine & Performance) from Stanford University and an MBA in Environmental and Social Management from Antioch University of New England (along with many other certificates and specializations you can find out all about when you join us).

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Ije Ude (Co-Founder and Chief Transformation Officer)

Ije is a health & wellness strategist and Radical Entrepreneur. She has coached Radical Entrepreneurs for the last 10 years on managing their energy and revolutionizing how they work.

Ije has 20 years of work experience in social justice and non-profit organizations as an organizer, trainer and facilitator. She has designed research-based curricula for organizations such as Girls Inc, Planned Parenthood and The Freedom institute. Today, alongside being a founder of Turtle Tank, Ije is a certified Resilience Toolkit facilitator who works with individuals and organizations to provide effective solutions to stress and trauma.

Ije has a BA in Human Biology (with a specialization in Black Women's Health and Well-Being) from Stanford University and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies. (along with many other certificates and specializations you can find out all about when you join us).


India Harville (Community Engagement Specialist)

India is a performance artist, somatic educator, and social justice educator. India serves as the Community Engagement Specialist for Turtle Tank where she helps facilitate the member journey for collective incubator members. The unifying thread in India’s work is supporting people working with their bodies as vehicles for personal and collective growth and transformation.

India has a BA in psychology from New College of Florida and a MA in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies as well as many trainings in somatics, bodywork, social justice education, and coaching.

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Wednesday, December 12th from 9-10pm EST / 6-7pm PST

SIGN UP / RESERVE YOUR SPOT to get access to the live call or the recording following the call

We will send you the access information on the day of the event.