OUR PURPOSE: We Ignite our Radical Purpose to create worlds of love and freedom

Our alignment with Radical Purpose is a lifetime practice, not a destination. It is our reason for being alive. The continuous expression of our fullest, truest selves and our deepest desires.

And it is our graceful dance with Radical Purpose that creates worlds of Love and Freedom.

How so?

At Turtle Tank, we say that Radical Purpose is a fundamental organizing principle. It is the guiding force behind the most effective forms of organization and creation. Every system naturally self-organizes through the Purposes of its parts.

As we develop a practice of aligning with our Radical Purposes, individually and collectively, we set ourselves up to engage in the most powerful, fitting and wonderful relationships. We create the most robust, resilient and creative communities.

When we organize around our unique individual Radical Purposes, we move away from the need to control others. We also tap into the ever-emerging power of the unique self as a part of the larger collective. We grow the power of our communities exponentially.

Through the pursuit of Radical Purpose, we are driven by the mysterious creative force of the universe into worlds of Radical Love and Freedom.


Our Approach: We REVOLUTIONIZE HOW YOU LIVE AND WORK through the natural art/science of creation

The modern world is full of unhealthy relationships to life and work. And we’re challenging the conventional, corporate, leftist, new-age (and any other) definitions of work that require us to burn ourselves and our lives into the ground in the pursuits of Love and Freedom.

As queer people of color that are in positions of radical leadership, we are expected to serve. Even and especially in our radical movements -- sometimes at the cost of our own lives. We are expected to meet everyone’s needs, to appease, to erase ourselves in the name of the collective. To put ourselves last in the pursuit of Love and Freedom. Our erasure and the erasure or our desires is expected. Our self-sacrifice is consciously and subconsciously framed as Radical.

To that we say: ENOUGH.

We will not sacrifice our lives for anyone or anything. Our lives are key to our continued thriving. They are the foundation of Love and Freedom. Love and Freedom cannot be achieved at our expense. Our erasure is antithetical to Love and Freedom.

At Turtle Tank we believe that we need to live and work FROM Love and Freedom, not FOR Love and Freedom.

In that vain, we’re investigating the very concept of “work” and completely reframing our relationship to it in in favor of living our fullest, desire-driven lives. Like other queer, POC and indigenous people, we do that by aligning ourselves with the wisdom of the natural world and what it teaches us about the natural art/science of creation.

This wisdom of natural frameworks is overwhelmingly found in queer, POC and indigenous creative strategies. At Turtle Tank, we’re developing life-giving, QPOC-centered frameworks that empower us to create loving and free ways.

What is considered work? How do we account for it? How do we ensure the most effective use of our time and energy? How do we thrive and create collective Radical Wealth through the work that we love? How do we create life and work practices that are life-affirming, loving -- that set us free OR increase our well-being? How do we sustain environments where every kind of work or labor is valued as essential to the whole?

No work or labor should be invisible. No work should be deemed worthless if it is rooted in the fulfillment of deep personal and collective desires for Love and Freedom.

We are creating frameworks that revolutionize how you live and work by teaching the natural art/science of creation.



As Radical Creators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders, we struggle with the idea of having wealth and well-being.

We associate wealth with corruption and injustice. We see the world with a scarcity lens of limited possibility: if I have wealth then someone else must be living in poverty. We romanticize “the struggle” to survive and consider ourselves “radical” for it.

We sacrifice our well-being in the pursuit of Love and Freedom. We put ourselves last in the name of serving the collective. Our desires, our health, our wants and needs are compromised in our fight for justice.

At Turtle Tank, we believe that everyone has a birth-given right to Radical Wealth and Well-Being. In fact, we believe that systems of Radical Wealth and Well-Being are essential to creating worlds of Love and Freedom

We’ve set out to redefine wealth and its relationship to well-being.

Radical Wealth: is a wholistic kind of wealth that is rooted in our well-being. Through it we meet our basic living needs such as food, shelter, health care, good relationships, creativity, self-development, pleasure etc. Wealth includes but is not limited to the financial wealth needed to meet these basic living needs. Money is only one of many gateways in the pursuit of Radical Wealth for all.

On July 7th 2016, Turtle Tank was first born in the form of a Virtual Collective Incubator for Radical Entrepreneurs that would “make way for economic justice”. Soon after, some 40 Radical folks would walk through our virtual doors, looking to grow their Radical Enterprises.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work for a good two years. Our community peeled the layers of guilt, shame and fear around accepting and manifesting their deepest desires which often seemed in opposition to their definition of justice, of being Radical Entrepreneurs. And as they peeled and emerged into their power, growing their work from the inside out, we realized that our work was much bigger than Radical Entrepreneurship. That we were using Radical Entrepreneurship as a gateway to collective transformation. Our work was so deeply impactful that close to 60% of the people who joined us over the last two years are still here on a committed journey of transformation. The industry statistics are abysmal in comparison (2-10% completion and retention), especially when it comes to long-term retention.

Why did they stay? Our community wasn’t just looking for economic justice, per se. At the root, they were looking for Love and Freedom. And in that looking, their whole lives would change along with those of their communities.

At this 2 year mark, we are expanding our work into the realms of Love and Freedom -- with Radical Entrepreneurship being one expression of that work. We revolutionize how people live and work to create sustainable systems of radical wealth and well-being.

Love: the truest expression of our deepest desire. A sense of purpose driven by an inexplicable reason to stay alive. Trusting that our deepest desires are not here to deceive or hurt us but to unravel us, disarm us and set us free.

Freedom: the creative power that emerges out of love-centered structures. A truth born of great sacrifice. The sacrificing of the parts of ourselves that no longer serve our evolution into a more loving world.

We present you the new us, Turtle Tank: An Incubator for Radical Love and Freedom.

We provide innovative collective incubation frameworks rooted in the natural art/science of creation to grow Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs and Radical Leaders who commit their lives to Radical Projects and Enterprises. We sustain a long-term community and network of Radical People looking to create worlds of Radical Love and Freedom.

Radical Creators are makers, artists, healers, early-stage entrepreneurs, educators, activists and the like.

Radical Entrepreneurs are enterprise leaders that run more mature enterprises through engaging in Radical Entrepreneurship, job creation and the generation of collective Radical Wealth.

Radical Leaders are community organizers, executive directors, CEOs and the like that galvanize and organize communities of individuals towards creating worlds of Love and Freedom.