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Self-Paced 4-Part Virtual Course:

Radical Purpose Compass

Reveal a radical guiding compass to create work and life rooted in healing, desire and evolution — For Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs and Radical Leaders

*This course is a prerequisite to become eligible to join our Collective School*

Registration closes Sunday, 09/01 @ 11:59 pm PST ($50 off available only on Friday, 08/30)

At Turtle Tank, we believe that our work journey (process) and our healing journey are one and the same.

And our Radical Purpose, our reason for being here, is our guide on that healing journey.

Thinking of work and healing separately has us living disintegrated and purposeless lives - where few aspects are meaningful and others are not. When in reality, every moment is just as precious and sacred as the next, and has the potential to be just as healing as the next -- in work and in life.

The ritual of working (our work processes and structures) is a container within which we can do deep healing and evolving, to live out our deepest purpose -- if we set up our processes with that intention.

In fact, we believe that it is through the process of healing, the alchemical moment of integration within ourselves, that we generate a shift in consciousness, align more deeply with our Radical Purpose and are propelled into radical creations -- all of which will evolve our world.

This kind of healing and aligning with Radical Purpose turns us into ever more present vessels for the most potent, powerful, meaningful and desire-filled work we are meant to do.

If you ask most artists they will tell you, healing and creating are one and the same thing. The process of healing creates and the process of creation heals -- it brings us more whole, back into who we are meant to be, constantly. And when that is not happening, the work itself is unfulfilling and draining. The work destroys and sometimes even kills us. And the creations are subpar and much less impactful (if not destructive).

Simply put: if the work process itself is not healing us, evolving us and bringing us great pleasure and joy -- then it is hurting and destroying us.

With this, we are challenging a capitalist notion of work that has us harboring feelings of shame when we cannot meet its inhuman standards. We are not factories, we are human beings.

In a capitalist frame: Work = Producing

(And when we are not “producing” we are shamed, discarded, invisibilized, marginalized, valueless and worthless.)

In a Turtle Tank frame: Work = Healing = Creation = Evolution

(And everybody is doing work on some level that involves healing, creating and evolving themselves and the collective - everybody has a unique purpose and is sacred to the whole outside of the realm of production.)

When we shift away from focusing on production (and the obsession with outcome), we change our perception around work and what it actually means to work. What the work process is actually about: healing, creation, evolution towards a world of love, joy, wonder and magic.

What happens when we take on that focus of Work = Healing = Creation = Evolution? Our lives take on deeper meaning and our creations have profound impact. We live lives of Radical Purpose that will evolve our world into more love and freedom.

We teach how to design the ritual of working (and living) as a sacred healing ritual.

What does it mean to design a ritual of working with the purpose of healing and evolving -- and by extension creating (vs. producing)? And what do we mean by ritual?

FIRST: All rituals have intention or purpose.

There is a reason why a ritual is performed and that reason needs to be clarified outside of the realm of producing and in alignment with healing, creation and evolving. To reveal and anchor in this reason we use the RADICAL PURPOSE COMPASS.

SECOND: All rituals have a process or underlying framework that create the container for healing, creation and evolution.

There is a framework aligned with natural law that allows us to lean into the forces of nature that direct us through our healing process towards creating and evolving. We call that framework FLOW.

THREE: All rituals are fueled by deep radical desire that needs to be fed and kept alive.

We enter ritual to be reborn or give birth to a new, truer version of ourselves. The seduction of this new self is what pulls us through the arduous work of ritual. We call this process FIRE.

With our RADICAL PURPOSE COMPASS, FLOW AND FIRE we bring forth evolutionary change.

What is evolutionary change and why do we start with the Radical Purpose Compass?

Look around. We’re all ready for a change. But plain change is not enough.

There’s a difference between Change and Evolution.

Change: does not necessarily have a clear intention or direction.

Evolution: is a directed change towards ever greater integrity, truth and love.

Evolution is a deepening into a more integrated version of who we are personally and collectively. And, most importantly, it is directed by an evolutionary compass: our unique radical (life) purpose. The intentional force that brought us to this earth to experience ourselves and achieve our greatest evolutionary potential.

At Turtle Tank, we want evolutionary change.

And we believe that each of our unique Radical (life) Purposes hold the key to that collective evolutionary change.

Our life purpose is our source of creative power and value on this earth, for ourselves and our communities. And without a clear sense of our purpose here, we are likely to struggle - to walk directionless, to be less impactful and feel unfulfilled.

When accessed clearly, our unique purpose reveals who we are, why we are here, how we work and how we are uniquely designed to manifest our potential in order to evolve. It is a guiding force that directs each of us to make effective evolutionary moves towards collective balance, wealth and well-being.

We, Ije and Samia, struggled to make evolutionary moves under the systemic circumstances we find ourselves in. We need not say more, you know what it’s like.

And even though systemic circumstances are rough and real… the most hurtful betrayal we’ve ever experienced is our own betrayal of ourselves.

We spent years people pleasing and appeasing, taking care of others at our expense, putting our teams’/friends’/family’s needs ahead of ours, draining our bank accounts, supporting other people’s visions (instead of ours), operating out of survival rather than desire, overextending ourselves to prove our worth and value (in both corporate and activist spaces), overworking to make a lousy living. We spent our time proving that we deserve to be on this earth and that our work and lives are necessary to our collective surviving and thriving. Our projects may have been ‘successful’ or radical by social standards but we were joyless and drained. We often wished we weren’t alive.

And as that went on, we would beat ourselves up with the severe self-judgement that accompanied every self-betrayal -- every conscious/unconscious choice not to prioritize our purpose, our own sacred work, ourselves. We thought we were broken, felt worthless, undervalued and alone.

Of course, deep down we know that we are made to feel this way by design. That we are not worthless or alone.

We know that systems are intentionally set up for us to feel worthless and powerless - to be taken advantage of. They are intentionally set up to prevent us from making evolutionary moves:

Moves that challenge the status quo and disrupt the massive wealth divide. Moves that fulfill our deepest desires and kill our need to consume. Moves that feed our well-being and nourish our relationships. Moves that are more creative, unpredictable and impactful than we can possibly imagine. Moves that empower us. Moves that set us free.

We know that our freedom is dangerous.

And even though we (Ije + Samia) know all of the above...we still struggled to live into who we really are. To practice what we really knew on a daily basis. To find the spaces that supported us wholly.

And in our darkest nights, as everything we relied on melted away, the only thing that kept us alive was the relentless consciousness that we were here for a reason. That we had a unique life purpose to fulfill, a purpose that would evolve us all. A purpose that could not be wasted.

So, in an effort to stay alive, we set out to understand our purpose through a multitude of systems and practices. It was the medicine to our wound.

The more we rooted in our purpose and deepened our relationship to it, the more our sense of worth and power increased. The more creative we were. The more alive we felt.

We each started developing our own frameworks and practices that keep us rooted in our life purposes. Frameworks that guide us to create our own daily rituals to keep clear of our worth. Practices that remind us of our inherent value. Self-explorations that direct us on our evolutionary path.

Our lives have since evolved dramatically and so have the lives of those we work with and love. More love, more connection, more systemic impact, more desire-filled work, more wealth and more wonder.

Those journeys and explorations set the stage for the frameworks we use today — and drew in the teachers we are convening through our school in the very near future.

The Radical Purpose framework is the first framework we teach because it:

  • Highlights deep rooted desires and forgotten dreams that fulfill us and others

  • Reveals root challenges and the most effective path through them

  • Inspires creative imaginings, new ideas, new ways of seeing and doing

  • Delineates the most fitting roles we are meant to play for ourselves and with others

  • Clears the way for right relationships with ourselves, others and our surroundings

  • Informs the best strategies to employ for challenging decisions

  • Provides direction on our journey for next best micro-steps with the greatest potential impact

Radical Purpose is the source of direction guiding our evolutionary journey.

We use it as the guiding foundation of all of our work: from changing a habit to moving through relationship challenges. From creating magnetic products to developing radical enterprises. From creating revolutionary art to organizing communities for liberation. It is both strategic and intuitive: it provides insights and revelations about ourselves that propel us forth on our evolutionary journey into ever greater love and freedom.

We’re excited to share it with you so keep scrolling to learn more about this digital course >>

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The course is made up of:

**4 core pre-recorded video lessons via Teachable platform (see below): the foundational videos where you build out your Radical Purpose Compass + Learn how to use it for strategic and intuitive insight on your revolutionary moves.

**(OPTIONAL) Facebook Group (comment only, no community posting): a group where we will share tips and other resources, announcements and strategies.

**(BONUS) Live Revelation Classes via Zoom ( 2 times / month through December 2019): where you’ll have the opportunity to get a live intuitive assessment of your Radical Purpose + we share exercises and tips on how to do strategic and intuitive assessments to reveal insights and next best step. We will hold one POC Only Session and one Mixed (White Folks + POC) session every month through December 2019. Revelation Classes Schedule (download here): Google Calendar OR iCal

**(BONUS) Co-Working Sessions via Zoom: where you can tap into the power of collective energy to work through the program

**(BONUS) Design your Sovereign Learning Strategy (mini-course) via Teachable: where you create a strategy for navigating the program and reaching your learning goals.

(And other surprise bonuses)

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Registration closes Sunday, 09/01 @ 11:59 pm PST ($50 off available on Friday, 08/30)

** Looking to join our Collective School (For Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs and Radical Leaders)? Remember, this Radical Purpose Compass course is the prerequisite to be eligible to apply for our School. School registration is opening in October 2019**

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USE COUPON CODE: FRIDAYFIFTY (for $50 off, Available Friday 08/30 only)

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Why Radical Purpose?

We are each here to evolve through a journey of fulfilling and expressing our Radical Purpose. Radical Purpose is the lens through which we experience our evolutionary process.

From examining our Radical Purpose, we learn who we are, why we are here, how we work, what our gifts and wounds are, how we heal them and what we’re made of (when the sh** hits the fan). Our journey through Radical Purpose drives us to know ourselves and our potential and with that knowing, learn how to co-create our world anew.

Radical Purpose reminds us of our unique, sacred power and value on this earth. It is what instinctually and inherently drives us to survive, thrive, evolve and contribute to the collective. It is our core guiding force on the evolutionary journey.

At Turtle Tank, we say that Radical Purpose is our unique, individual, internal compass that directs each of us through effectively navigating our personal journey of transformation and evolution towards our fullest collective potential.

And when we each root in our unique Radical Purposes, we create a movement of transformation that honors the sovereign evolutionary process of each individual. And that honoring contributes to a collective evolutionary process guided by radical love and freedom. We create the conditions for the emergence of a world that no single culture, group, system or human being could have imagined alone.

Each individual’s unique purpose is the community’s source of value, power, well-being and wealth. We define Freedom as the ability of each person to know and fulfill their unique purpose on this earth. We define Love as the fullest expression of our purpose.

Through Radical Purpose, we are driven and guided by the mysterious creative force of the universe into worlds of radical love and freedom.


Turtle Tank: School for Radical Purpose

Turtle Tank is a radical modern-day mystery school where we ignite Radical Purpose, support the evolution of consciousness and harness creative power to bring forth worlds of Radical Love and Freedom.

Our aim is to reintegrate old and new wisdom into practical tools to revolutionize all of our diseased human systems and evolve into worlds of ever deeper balance.

At the School for Radical Purpose, we focus on three core paths:

Radical Creators: looking to co-create a fulfilling and impactful life and desire-filled work by rooting in their unique radical purpose through a nature-based creation process aligned with sacred ritual

Radical Entrepreneurs: looking to co-create a radical enterprise rooted in their unique radical purpose and desire-filled work as sacred ritual to contribute to just and balanced systems of well-being and wealth.

Radical Leaders: looking to ignite and amplify the purposes of others through radical forms of teaching, leading and organizing towards worlds of love and freedom.


…by completing the Radical Purpose 101 course to be eligible to apply for our Collective School.

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We, Ije and Samia, the co-founders of Turtle Tank are on our own journeys of healing, self-discovery and evolution. Our work is to learn the graceful dance with the mystery (aka the universe), to understand the process of creation and our responsibility and power in it. We investigate the most effective ways to co-create purposeful, fulfilling and impactful lives for all towards collective balance, well-being and wealth.

From that personal work, we’ve created a community of Sovereign Learners to teach and learn with.

We are not a conventional mystery school, nor do we belong to a specific lineage as a school though some of us are initiated in our respective foundational cosmosystems. We bring a diversity of lineages together, in conversation, towards our collective human evolution. We are still (and always will be) students on the journey of life with our dear mentors and teachers.

We teach our own wholistic, nature-based frameworks inspired by our personal creative, healing and transformational journeys. Our work is rooted in metaphysics, somatics, human development, consciousness evolution techniques, ecology and natural systems, radical entrepreneurship and economics, afro-indigenous and other indigenous cosmosystems and radical, queer people of color creative & artistic processes.

We are also in the process of bringing our own mentors and teachers to the Tank to create and share their transformational and evolutionary teachings. Right now, we are preparing our community of Sovereign Learners and our infrastructural space for those teachers. What we teach at this time is foundational for all that is to come.

As a community, we practice (re)aligning with our unique Radical Purpose, designing our work and life as Sacred Ritual and creating lives, relationships, projects, enterprises and communities of collective wealth and well-being.

Meet Samia and Ije, the Purpose Igniters and Creative Directors facilitating this experience…


Samia Abou-Samra (Co-Founder and CEO)

Samia Abou-Samra is an igniter of purpose towards a world of Radical Love. An Alchemist: they create music as Wailing - the cry, the longing prayer to inspire the deepest love. A Director of Genius: they facilitate the creation process for geniuses and design strategic systems to support them and have supported the creation of many Radical Enterprises and projects including Lumos Transforms, Finding Voice (the virtual course) with Sharon Bridgeforth, Balade Black, At The Crossroads: Finding Your Purpose with Yeye Luisah Teish. A Hakim: they practice, invest in and teach about intuitive analysis, old wisdom and the elevation of consciousness. They are the founder of Whale Wonder: a playspace and incubator for the elevation of consciousness. And the co-founder of Turtle Tank: School for Radical Purpose. Samia enjoys all aspects of the creative process particularly in the areas of music/media, entrepreneurship, indigenous knowledge and radical health.

Their years of study include:

Samia has a BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (with a focus on Ritual, Medicine & Performance) from Stanford University and an MBA in Environmental and Social Management from Antioch University of New England

Relevant Certifications:

Music, Voice and Sound Healing (CIIS), Domestic Violence Prevention Training, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, Food Systems Certificate

Relevant Training and Mentorship (ongoing):

Extensive study under the mentorship of Cherrie Moraga and Celia Herrera-Rodriguez through the lens of Xicana Indigena art practice

Initiated to Ifa: received one hand of Ifa and are Olorisha initiated to Orisha Babaluaye / Omolu in 2018 after 12 years of study and practice in Ifa. Currently undergoing training with their godmother priestess Iyanifa Ifalade TaShia Asanti presiding priestess of Ile Ori Ogbe Egun.


Ije Ude (Co-Founder and Chief Transformation Officer)

Ije Ude is a midwife of deep, gentle change. She resources herself and others to be their freest, fullest selves and give birth to their precious dreams. As Nwachi, she dances, crafts and studies metaphysics to experience the mundane and magical ways god expresses through us. As the Freedom Midwife she designs transformational programs for those of us who are often forgotten and facilitates our remembering of how powerful we are. As a Memory Maker, Ije connects with loved ones to share and experience unconditional love and respect through the crucible of intimate relationships. And as the Inspiration Cocoonist, she makes art that inspires her to honor her inner knowing and teaches others how to do the same.

She is the co-founder of Turtle Tank and proud facilitator of Lumos Transforms’ Resilience Toolkit.

Her years of study include:

B.A. Human Biology with a concentration in Black Women’s Health and Well-Being and an M.A. Integral Counseling Psychology


Coaching for Transformation, Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy, Resilience Toolkit, International Trauma Studies Program, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, Tiny Habits Coach, Empowerment Workshop Facilitator, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators, Human Design Consultant.

Relevant Trainings:

Lead, Gather, Relate Leadership Program, Radical Relating: 4 Skills, Theater of the Oppressed, Education for Liberation, Gestalt-Based Group Facilitation, Somatics and Social Justice, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Sexual Assault Violence Intervention Advocate Training.

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Registration closes Sunday, 09/01 @ 11:59 pm PST ($50 off available on Friday, 08/30)

** Looking to join our Collective School (For Radical Creators, Radical Entrepreneurs and Radical Leaders)? Remember, this Radical Purpose Compass course is the prerequisite to be eligible to apply for our School. School registration is opening in October 2019**

Payment option 1

(One payment)

USE COUPON CODE: FRIDAYFIFTY (for $50 off, Available Friday 08/30 only)

$200 USD

1 Payment of $200 (the payment is due at signup)


Payment option 2

(Two payments)

USE COUPON CODE: FRIDAYFIFTY (for $50 off, Available Friday 08/30 only)

$230 USD

2 Payments of $115 (the first payment is due at signup, second payment will be charged after 30 days from signup)