Welcome to (Re)Design Your Work

We're excited to meet you all in e-person. In preparation for the live portion of our training together, we wanted to share with you the adult version of one of the exercises we will be guiding the youth through. We ask that you not share any of this information publicly at this time -- this format is simply for private use for training purposes. For further details on how this information can be used, please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which apply across our virtual sites. 

The purpose of this exercise:

OBJECTIVE ONE: To help you (re)design a project that is in alignment with what you truly desire. Why? Through our years of coaching Radical Entrepreneurs, we know that the most sustainable and sustained projects are those that are in alignment with our deepest, truest desires. 

OBJECTIVE TWO: To introduce you to the adult version of an exercise for the youth program. You will be helping us walk the youth through a similar exercise designed for their needs. 

Note: during the live portion of the staff training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about any part of this process -- we will be leaving some time aside specifically for that. 

Below you will find

  1. (Re)Design Your Work: Video Lesson where we will walk you through designing a new project or (re)designing an old project to better fit your truest desires. 
  2. Video Highlights where we outlined the time stamp for each new section of the video
  3. Downloadable Worksheets that you can use to help you walk through the exercise as you go along

If you would like captions, please make sure to click on CC at the bottom right corner of the video, once it has started. For any further assistance, please feel free to contact us here.

Video Highlights

0:00 . Why "let desire be your compass"

5:46 . Overview of 5-step (Re)Design Process

6:24 . Step 1: Pick a project

7:44 . Step 2: Take a current snapshot

17:26 . Step 3: Re-Evaluate Desire + Activities

20:08 . Step 4: Evaluate your project's D-Factor

22:58 . Step 5: Re-Design your project

32:35 . Figure out your next steps. 


Here are the Worksheets you can use to assist you through this exercise. They are organized by Steps and coincide with the step referred to in the video. 

STEP 1 (no worksheet -- simply pick a project you will be focusing on for this exercise)

STEP 2 WORKSHEET (click to download)

STEP 3 WORKSHEET (click to download)

STEP 4 WORKSHEET (click to download)

STEP 5 WORKSHEET (click to download)

BONUS WORKSHEET (click to download)