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Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are four essential skills radical entrepreneurs need to master in order to create the impact they envision.

Based on your results, we’ve identified one skill you need to develop further:  RISK-TAKING.

Here’s why risk-taking is important: as a radical entrepreneur you have to get extremely comfortable with the unknown -- in fact, we recommend you learn to love it. Love the adventure, the discovery of what's to come. Enjoy the journey. That is what helps you build your risk-taking approach. You can't take reckless risk but you can't move forward without some calculated and some wild risks. Risk-taking done right will always take you to the next level of your work. 


When you embrace risk-taking and experimentation you:

  • Feel excited by (vs. afraid of) the unknown

  • Embrace risk as a creative opportunity

  • Treat ‘failure’ as a natural stage in experimentation


Here's an exercise to get you to go deeper into investigating how you view risk.


Consider this: how do you know which risks are worth taking and which risks to walk away from?

Download this worksheet to figure out how to assess risks and figure out one risk you can start taking in your enterprise.


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