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Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are four essential skills radical entrepreneurs need to master in order to create the impact they envision.


Based on your results, we’ve identified one skill you need to develop further:  PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY

Here’s why knowing how your work is important: Your enterprise's structures will be an extension of your own personal day-to-day structures. Knowing how you are designed to work helps you set up the proper structures for yourself and ultimately your enterprise. That is how you work effectively and efficiently. 

When you understand how you work, you:

  • Create a healthy lifestyle that fits your truest desires

  • Feel constantly inspired and love what you do

  • Ask for help when you need it

Here's an exercise to get you to go deeper into investigating how you work.

Consider this: what would you be able to accomplish if you stopped trying to do it all by yourself?

Download this worksheet to figure out who to ask for support and what role they can play.

P.S. We’re launching a program designed to teach you how to think like a radical entrepreneur. We’ll keep you in the loop and let you know when we open the doors for registration.

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