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Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are four essential skills radical entrepreneurs need to master in order to create the impact they envision.


Based on your results, we’ve identified one skill you need to develop further:  SELF-AWARENESS

Here’s why self-awareness is important: your enterprise is an extension of yourself. If you are not aware of the dynamics (patterns, habits, desires, intuitive potential etc.) in your personal life, you won't be attuned to those very same dynamics in your enterprise.  You will struggle with: making decisions, following-through, taking risk (to name a few). Self-knowledge and awareness are of utmost importance on your journey to becoming a radical entrepreneur.

When you’re self-aware, you:

  • Know your truest and deepest desires (not what your fearful parent, activist-shaming friend or well-meaning partner think your desires should be)

  • Develop and trust your own intuition and decision-making power

  • Are real with yourself (neither ego-tripping nor being self-deprecating)

Here's an exercise to get you to go deeper in investigating your self.

Consider this: how can you turn your weaknesses and vulnerabilities into strengths?

Download this worksheet to figure out how to make friends with your weaknesses and then use them to make a bigger impact.

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