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Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are four essential skills radical entrepreneurs need to master in order to create the impact they envision.


Based on your results, we’ve identified one skill you need to develop further:  RADICAL THINKING

Here’s why radical thinking is important: when you resolve issues by addressing the most fundamental, root challenge, you can create solutions that are effective and sustainable. In fact, we believe that as enterprises grow and develop they should address challenges that are more at the root of their practice than they previously did.

When you think like a radical entrepreneur, you:

  • Address a root concern (vs. symptomatic one) that can have multi-dimensional effects

  • Approach what you do from the intersectional position of all your identities

  • Embrace what actually works, not what you think should work

Here's an exercise to get you to go deeper into investigating your radical-thinking.

Consider this: how can you use your intersectional position and experiences to create a more wholistic solution?

Download this worksheet to figure out how your experience can help you create more effective and innovative solutions.

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