Welcome to Cohort 3 of the Collective Coaching Program! 

Congrats! You're officially a TURTLE in the TANK where you can safely prepare for the motions of the oceans ;). 


You should be receiving 3 emails from us that look like this: 

EMAIL ONE: from Whale Wonder / "Order Receipt"

This is your invoice. Don't be alarmed: Whale Wonder is the momma enterprise through which we run Turtle Tank (legally, they are one and the same entity) - so you will be billed by Whale Wonder. All other correspondences will happen through Turtle Tank and by way of admin(AT)turtletank.co.

EMAIL TWO: from Whale Wonder & Turtle Tank / "You are now enrolled in..."

This is the link you can use to access the course on our learning platform: Teachable. This is where we will be posting and hosting all the content you need. If you already have a Teachable account, you can just click on the "Access Course" button to get to our course. If you do not have a Teachable account yet, the system will send you a third email to create your account. 

EMAIL THREE (for people creating a new Teachable account): from Teachable / "How to access: Collective Coaching..."

If you don't have a Teachable account yet, you can create one by clicking "Create My Account" from inside this third email and following their instructions. Once you've created it, you should see our course listed on the platform. 

All other instructions will be available on the course platform through Teachable. We look forward to meeting you via the Facebook forum here (this link will also be available via the Teachable platform).

PS: If you don't use Facebook, we require that you create a private profile to join our community forum. 

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please contact us here.