Turtle Transformation Story: Lamia Gibson


Your name: Lamia Gibson

Pronouns: They/Them/Lamia

Job Title/ Radical Purpose Roles: Co-owner and Director of Six Degrees, Intuitive practitioner of Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy and Grief in all its forms

Describe your radical work.

I am a commitment to knowing my worth.  The radical work I offer is in co-creating with the mystery to generate...

  • spaces like Six Degrees,

  • treatments that are thorough, effective, client centered and empowering,

  • containers for feeling with room for transformation, and

  • communities that are inspired to heal.

I work with people's inherent healing potential as a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine and the Director of Six Degrees.  What I offer draws on education & various training I have received, life experience, personal healing and the absolute truth that we are each born to thrive.

How long have you been in the Turtle Tank incubator?

2 years

What brought you to Turtle Tank?

Your incredible ability to connect with people through Facebook and your website!  Also a deeeeeeep need for business coaching from people who were not afraid of our business model built on what we call engaged economics.  The Universe and Spirit!

What challenges were you facing before you joined Turtle Tank and how were they affecting you?

I was struggling with my business partnership and struggling financially to keep our clinic going. Personally I was dealing with relapse (I am in recovery) and PTSD symptoms taking over my life. (That's what it felt like anyway.) While I have been with Turtle Tank, I have also been doing other deep inner work with Generative Somatics and racial healing work.

What other solutions/options did you try out or consider?

I have done online marketing courses, been in business just figuring things out as I go, business/life coaching for a year or so before getting to Turtle Tank.

Why did you chose Turtle Tank?

Your way of working aligned with my values and aspirations.  I also am intentionally choosing to be led by QTBIPOC and that is Turtle Tank!

Did you have any reservations about joining us? If so, what would you say to yourself knowing what you know now?

I honestly didn’t have any reservations. From being in business for years, doing this work independently for another decade before that I could tell you knew what was up and had a solid business approach mixed with the inner work I knew was integral to our evolution as a business and my own personal growth.

What tangible results have you created out your work with Turtle Tank?

  • I have deepened my relationship with my business partner and we have been able to do some deep healing. (Still more to go!)

  • I have transformed and re-innovated our business model and this is an evolution of our engaged (you would say radical) economics.

  • I have deepened my commitment to myself to take care of self as an inherent responsibility for my self and the communities I want to serve.

What insights led to those results?

Oh my.....  so many!

  • Deeply feeling in my body that the experiences of childhood trauma and sexual assault were guiding my choices in how I was contributing to the economic realities at Six Degrees. Other work I did also helped my reach these insights. I mention this because I found I really needed the alchemy of Generative Somatics, spiritual guidance and racial healing work and The Resilience Toolkit to go as deep as I needed to go.

  • Also feeling in my body that my drive to save (white saviour complex and martyrdom) was saving no one. And to truly have a positive impact I can’t ignore what my own healing is calling out for.

  • Letting go of being liked by or good for everyone around me.  Aligning with my responsibilities without overextending myself and shedding the trauma- informed need to feel safe at all costs.  Experiences of violence and abusive relationships from childhood throughout my early adult years have contributed to a deep sense of mistrust and feeling unsafe in community. As an owner and director I have to be able to make choices that are best for the whole project (as far as I can see it) and I have to trust myself and know that my patterns to find safety need care, but they can't make these decisions for me.  

    As a practitioner I lean into these experiences of healing to build the foundation of knowing what is possible for people to heal and transform. I know we have the potential to heal great trauma because I have done some of that work myself. That insight matched with working on my awareness and responsibilities around my privilege and power without throwing myself under the bus is a DEEEEEEEEP insight that I am still sitting with and deepening as I continue this work and my personal life journey.

What was your experience of the Radical Purpose tool?

It was amazing, surprising, frustratingly slow at times, and deeply informative. Moving at Turtle pace is the only way this tool deeply works. Everytime I rushed I had to go backwards and redo or realign or just wait!  Ha!

How has the Radical Purpose tool changed how you work and live your life?

I am moving from a sense of responsibility to self/other that is far more harmonious and aligned.  I am committed to no longer counting myself out, in my personal relationships, in my work, in my treatments.  and when I do (for I am not perfect :)) I can far more quickly sense when it happens and come back to my own centre.  This makes me calmer, more loving and way more efficient in my roles and as a parent, partner, friend, practitioner, boss, director and person.

What would you say to anyone who’s considering working with Turtle Tank?

DO it now!   Honestly, no time is the right time, all the work will match you where you are at and if you are willing to do the work, the work will carry you through!  Be ready to go deep and embrace your purpose and potential.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you forever!!!!!!   And... I said it earlier.... this work is a central component of  the alchemy in my life that is also working with other practices... generative somatics, racial healing work, Resilience Toolkit, eating as best Ican, being in recovery. There is no one thing that will do it all, and Turtle Tank has been amazing because the process is adaptive to my true life. Sometimes I haven't done Turtle work for weeks because I had to be doing other client related work or healing work or life in some way... but the this is how Turtle Tank works. When I am not actively watching a video or in a group chat with Turtles the wisdom from the Tank, or the application of the knowledge being shared is given space and time to actualize and to mingle and integrate with the work I am doing everyday in some way.

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