Turtle Transformation Story: M’kali-Hashiki

Mkali Hashiki Picture.jpeg

Name: M'kali-Hashiki

Job Title or Roles: Priestess, Educator, Communicator, Lover

Pronouns: She/Her

Describe your radical work.

I help people heal their erotic wounds by giving them techniques to use their body as a conduit to The Divine; guiding people through experiences of connecting to The Divine through physical pleasure; igniting epiphanies in people's minds about their own connection to The Divine; and modeling self-love of healing my own wounds & opening myself to joy on every level.

How long have you been in the Turtle Tank incubator?

2 years

What brought you to Turtle Tank?

I see my work as highly political and profoundly radical in the sense of "changing at the root". I also have a deep distrust of embracing capitalism as the way of saving our world; at the same that I know I deserve to be able to offer my gifts to the world in a way that is not only financially sustainable, but allows me to *thrive*. I believe that queers of color are the voices of leadership that we need to be listening to in order to change this world, and I found a deeply empathetic, holistic, QPOC-led leadership at Turtle Tank

What challenges were you facing before you joined Turtle Tank and how were they affecting you?

I was spending most of my efforts in getting individual clients, was not clear on how to articulate what it is I actually do, nor able to articulate to my satisfaction how it is necessary to survival & "thrival".

What other solutions/options did you try out or consider?

I was considering giving up & getting a "regular job", even though I knew that it would be soul-killing.

Why did you chose Turtle Tank?

I'd been working individually with Samia, & trusted her implicitly. I also really wanted a *community* of fellow radical badasses trying to save the world.

Did you have any reservations about joining us? If so, what would you say to yourself knowing what you know now?

Uh no.

What tangible results have you created out your work with Turtle Tank?

Letting go of things that don't fit my "radical role".  Getting clear on the roles I use to fulfill my purpose. Quit beating myself up for hating the things that I hate doing

What was your experience of the Radical Purpose tool?

It has blown me away. The ability to be real about what I'm doing instead of trying to cover it up in "business words". It feels like a more authentic articulation of my purpose in the world.

How has the Radical Purpose tool changed how you work and live your life?

Instead of me thinking "I have to create this, I have to create that", I have a filter that keeps me from overextending myself.

What would you say to anyone who’s considering working with Turtle Tank?

That entrepreneurship can be very isolating. And the community that you surround yourself with makes all the difference. Turtle Tank is the field for sowing & reaping the seeds of radical transformation. Turtle Tank attracts the cream of the crop & you inner & outer world will be transformed not only by the lessons from Samia & Ije but also from the other Turtles.

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