Which option is right for you?

There are 2 journeys we’ll be guiding you through at the Tank:

ONE: Your journey as a Radical Entrepreneur → Your Entrepreneurial Resilience

TWO: Your enterprise’s journey of development → Your Enterprise’s Maturity

Often times, people confuse their entrepreneurial maturity (how resilient of an entrepreneur they are)  with the maturity of their enterprise (how mature their enterprise is in stages of development).

We believe that these 2 areas are connected and do inform each other. BUT, they are also different.

Someone can have a very mature enterprise (has sustained an enterprise for more than 3 years = 7 or even 10 years) and limited Entrepreneurial Resilience (the ability to navigate through the cycles, grow and transform in sustainable and sustaining ways).

Someone can have a very young enterprise (under 3 years old) but have high Entrepreneurial Resilience (they know how to navigate the processes because they’ve experimented in other ways/ares in their lives).

We’re all on a spectrum with regards to our own Entrepreneurial Resilience and the maturity of our enterprises. And every time we start a new enterprise, that creation has to undergo its own natural processes (no mature how mature we are). However, we do believe that most of us are especially lacking in the Entrepreneurial Resilience department (thus the high statistics of collapse and enterprise failures).

That said, we think of options 1 and 2 this way:

Option 1: $125/month

Option 1 supports you in developing your Entrepreneurial Resilience, at the core. We find that most entrepreneurs we meet require this foundation, no matter how mature their enterprise(s). And we require this foundation of EVERYONE we work with at any level.

Option 1 also gives you the space to pick and choose when you need individualized support. You have more financial and time flexibility. You can grow into more individual sessions as you Entrepreneurial Resilience and your enterprise grow. The onus is on you to reach out to us when you’re ready for more.

Anyone at any level of Entrepreneurial Reslience and enterprise maturity can engage in Option 1 and grow their investment organically.

Option 2: $300/month

Option 2 is for Radical Entrepreneurs who need and are ready for more consistent customized, individualized and intensive attention because they are:

One: Running young enterprises in high-growth mode and need some focused midwiving attention.

Two: Running mature enterprises and need more in-depth attention to review all aspect of their enterprise and devise a strategy for their existing organization.

Three: Have the time and resources to focus on getting more intensive attention on specific entrepreneurial areas that we cover in the core curriculum.

If you have the financial resources and run a more mature/high-growth enterprise, we highly recommend that you consider this option very strongly. 

Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions and need additional support picking between Option 1 and 2.