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Start our ongoing Virtual Collective Incubator Program to grow Radical Projects or Enterprises you love (and that love you back)

Join and learn with our community of Radical Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Makers, Healers, Educators, Activists, Coaches, Consultants and the like.

The Virtual Collective Incubator is a people of color-centered space and all allies are welcome! We do our best to ensure it is a safe space for everyone we bring on board.

(Applications due on Friday, November 17th at midnight PST= read below to apply)

If accepted, you will receive a ONE-MONTH FREE TRIAL of the Collective Incubator where you can explore if it's the right fit for you (and we can explore if you're the right fit for us)!

What stage are you in?

Pick the most fitting stage below so that we can provide you with support that best meets your needs. Our stages are designed to be:

1) Financially accessible at your stage of development and at low-risk to you. You move into larger monthly subscription plans as your revenue grows and your work becomes more complex.

2) Custom-fitted to meet your specific needs. A person that is just starting won't have the same needs, conversations or commitments as someone who's been running a Radical Enterprise for 10+ years. We ensure that you're getting the appropriate support no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

Are you a STARTER Turtle?

This is the very nascent, idea(s) stage of creation: The Egg Stage

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You Are: Wondering about the possibility of working for yourself or growing your own Radical Enterprise - justly and equitably - but don’t know where and how to start. Or you’re just starting over again!

You Want: To quit your job (or completely start over!) so you can do much more of what you love while better serving the communities you love. All while taking care of your well-being.

You Have: Dreams, thoughts, vision boards and possibly lots of notes from your brainstorming sessions.

You Feel: Inspired by your ideas but scared you will fail, hurt someone or be ostracized for wanting to create an enterprise. Ready to create something yet inexperienced around Radical Entrepreneurship. Torn between your need to be financially sustainable and your need to serve others justly. Stressed, burnt-out or dissatisfied with your current work.

You Know: You’re ready to jump in, get started and see where the journey takes you.

Your Enterprise Revenue/Income is: $0 (or the equivalent currency at your location)

Are you a GROWER Turtle?

This stage spans from cocooning into the baby phase of creation.

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You Are: Wondering if you should keep going with what you’ve started (or restarted, over and over again). Doubting if you still have what it takes or if it’s time to quit.

You Want: Consistent flow of well… everything! Sustained interest and investment from your community. Sustainable revenue or income and regular work. Sustained commitment from others. Something to pick up because you’re (almost) ready to give up.

You Have: Some brief successes amongst a sea of failures. Stops and starts and stops and starts again with lots of scattered ideas and projects. Perhaps dreams of the ideal partner(s) to come help because you can’t do it alone anymore.

You Feel: Scared that you’ve gone down the wrong path(s). Unsure if you’re still doing what you love or if you're doing it equitably or in the most effective way. Vulnerable, lost, tired, angry and sometimes ready to give up. Worried that there’s no way out and you'll ever make it through.

You Know: You’re ready for things to pick up or change because you can’t keep going on like this anymore.

Your Enterprise Revenue/Income is: anywhere from $0 (or the equivalent in your location) to inconsistent bursts here and there.

Are you a TRANSFORMER Turtle?

This is the teenage stage of creation: where you learn how to nurture healthy and sustainable relationships.

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You Are: Wondering how to set up the best systems and find the right people  to keep everything you’ve got going on, well, going… in a much more effective and sustainable way for you (and your people). You are growing and transforming!

You Want: A better sense of how to organize everything. Where to shift your focus to and when. How to move through your multiple projects. You want support, partners, collaborators or even employees. A clearer sense of what your role is in it all and how you facilitate everyone and everything else towards the grander vision!

You Have: Consistent traction with one or more projects, services, or products. Some in-control moments where you feel together. And some out-of-control moments where you feel like you’re losing your center and don't know how to hold it all together ethically, equitably, gracefully and firmly.

You Feel: Like you're bursting at the seams (in good and bad ways)! Stretched in so many directions. Growing pains and delicious gains. Ready to take on the responsibility of leading but feeling the pressure and fear of success, growth or sudden doom (in case it all starts to fall apart).

You Know: You’re ready for some healthy, fluid structures to hold it all together so you can do more of what love, are best at and need to be doing to support everyone else.

Your Enterprise Revenue/Income is: consistent and ranging from relatively to very healthy in any form (grants, fee-for-service, barter etc.)

Are you an AMPLIFIER Turtle?

This is the adult stage of creation: where you let your enterprise sustain itself and you move on to greater impact (or something completely new!)

big turtle - round.png

You Are: Wondering how to scale so you can reach, inspire and serve more people. Or ready to do something entirely different while your enterprise is taken care of. Trying to strengthen your foundation (teams + systems) so you can take on a new role. Starting to innovate with your model and/or sharing it with others.

You Want: Freedom to explore, play and create. An independent enterprise that won’t fall without you. A self-sustaining and sustainable ecosystem that allows you to focus on what you do best so that you can lead the charge to scale or create new projects.

You Have: A mature set of offerings, services and products. A consistent client or stakeholder base and community. A small to medium-sized team. And existing systems that may need to be reviewed and revamped.

You Feel: Overloaded with responsibility. Entangled, trapped or bogged-down because you’re holding too many things and need to set some down. A bit burnt-out and ready for more breathing room in your life. Resentful that have no time for yourself and no space to be creative. And that, perhaps, things depend on you too much to function.

You Know: You’re ready for a new phase, a new role and maybe a new direction as you allow all that you’ve already built to breath, live and move on its own with as little day-to-day guidance as possible.

Your Enterprise Revenue/Income is: consistent, healthy and relatively diversified in any form (grants, fee-for-service, barter etc.)

Don’t know which stage you’re in? Pick the one you feel is closest to where you are, even if it's not exact. We will help you get clearer once you’ve been accepted to the Collective Incubator.

Still having trouble deciding? Contact us here. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Have other questions? Check out our FAQ for the Virtual Collective Incubator here. 

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