Radical (life) Purpose: our compass through a crucial time of crisis & evolution into worlds of love and freedom

Humanity is at an important stage of transformation and initiation, shedding an old skin to bring forth a new home of radical love and freedom. If you’ve landed here, you’re clear that a deep evolution is in the works and is necessary for our survival and thriving.

In moments of evolution, there are often two common and natural responses to transformation that are born out of the fear of the unknown and the shedding pains that accompany the process.

ONE: We hold onto the status quo with even more force and vigor.

We witness the flagrant return of destructive ideologies, thrust in full force into the public sphere. Our sleeping personal and cultural demons are called out into the open for clear examination. We cling to them as they are a part of us that is, in fact, dying. And death, in the western context, is deeply misunderstood and feared so we resist it. We are trying to protect who we think we are so we hold on for dear life.

TWO: We (over) determine how the change is supposed to happen.

This is a more subtle response where we accept the need to change but seek to control the transformation process because we fear the process itself. We fear the unknown, the mystery. We subtly impose (through social coercion, derision, policing and outcasting) new/old, often familiar, ideological and cultural systems that we deem more advanced, pure, liberal, revolutionary or radical. We sit on a moral high horse and claim that our approach is the best approach. We wonder why those who are less ‘conscious’ than us haven’t stepped in line yet.

At Turtle Tank, we honor both of these natural, human responses to change, transformation and evolution. And, we know and experience them ourselves to a certain extent. They both serve (and have served) their purpose in navigating our survival and evolution across time and place.

Yet, at this point in our collective evolution, we want to offer a third possibility that amplifies a process of transformation and evolution rooted in radical love and freedom. Where we operate from desire and love rather than towards it. Where the outcome of a new world is simply an extension of a radically loving and freeing process. Where the outcome may not even be imaginable or determinable yet because it is more mysterious, free and loving than anything we’ve ever known.

We call this third possibility: the way of Radical Purpose.

We  are each born with a unique Radical Purpose. The very reason we are here is to live out and fully express that purpose and contribute to our collective evolution. And in order to fulfill that purpose, we each engage in a unique personal and challenging process of transformation and evolution (which some deem to be the purpose itself). We can choose to resist it or surrender to it, but one thing is for sure -- transformation and evolution are always in the works for each of us.

So why Radical Purpose as a guiding principle on the journey of evolution?

Ultimately, we are each here to evolve through a journey of fulfilling and expressing our Radical Purpose.

From examining our Radical Purpose, we learn who we are, why we are here, how we work, what our gifts and wounds are, how we heal them and what we’re made of (when the sh** hits the fan). Our journey through Radical Purpose drives us to know ourselves and our potential and with that knowing, learn how to co-create our world anew.

Radical Purpose reminds us of our unique, sacred power and value on this earth. It is what instinctually and inherently drives us to survive, thrive, evolve and contribute to the collective. It is our core guiding force on the evolutionary journey.

At Turtle Tank, we say that Radical Purpose is our unique, individual, internal compass that directs each of us through effectively navigating our personal journey of transformation and evolution towards our fullest collective potential.

And when we each root in our unique Radical Purposes, we create a movement of transformation that honors the sovereign evolutionary process of each individual. And that honoring contributes to a collective evolutionary process guided by radical love and freedom.

We create the conditions for the emergence of a world that no single culture, group, system or human being could have imagined alone. That none of us can even begin to imagine from where we currently sit because that kind of imagining requires our very own consciousness to evolve through an ever deeper commitment to our purpose.

At Turtle Tank we say that purpose is the fundamental organizing and guiding principle of any system towards its fullest integrity, its deepest truth. Every system naturally self-organizes through the purposes of its parts and evolves to support those purposes. Every system becomes naturally emergent, creative and alive when it is rooted in the organizing principle of purpose. It is the evolutionary force working from the inside-out to propel us into deeper levels of consciousness and love.

Each individual’s unique purpose is the community’s source of value, power, well-being and wealth. We define Freedom as the ability of each person to know and fulfill their unique purpose on this earth. We define Love as the fullest expression of our purpose.

When we organize around our unique individual Radical Purposes, we move away from the need to control ourselves, others and our collective evolutionary process. Instead, we tap into the power of the unique, creative self that contributes to a regenerative, interdependent collective. With that, we grow our creative power and the power of our communities exponentially.

Through Radical Purpose, we are driven and guided by the mysterious creative force of the universe into worlds of radical love and freedom.

- Turtle Tank Co-Founders - Ije & Samia

++Turtle Tank: a School for Radical Purpose is a radical modern-day mystery school where we ignite Radical Purpose, support the evolution of consciousness and harness creative power to bring forth worlds of Radical Love and Freedom.

Our aim is to reintegrate old and new wisdom into practical tools to revolutionize all of our diseased human systems and evolve into worlds of ever deeper balance++

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