Turtle Transformation Story: Teresa Lau


Your name: Teresa Lau

Job Title/ Radical Purpose Roles: Healer, Chiropractor

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Describe your radical work.

Energizing the field between us and within us to upgrade our capacity to experience our innate value and express our unique signature in the world.

How long have you been in the Turtle Tank incubator?

2 years

What brought you to Turtle Tank?

The idea of Radical Entrepreneurship and the possibility of a community for justice values through business.

What challenges were you facing before you joined Turtle Tank and how were they affecting you?

I was feeling rundown in and by my business, proud of the work I was doing but anxious about all the tasks and unfinished projects related to keeping the business running.  I felt isolated as an entrepreneur in my justice and organizing communities, and I felt embattled or invisible in my professional circles and business networks.

What other solutions/options did you try out or consider?

I had participated in multiple business training and education programs, and had started my own social justice healer groups and projects over the years.

Why did you chose Turtle Tank?

  1. The uniqueness/novelty of the proposed community.

  2. The focus on Desire felt like a law of nature.

  3. The centering of healing ourselves and each other.

Did you have any reservations about joining us? If so, what would you say to yourself knowing what you know now?

Hmm, hardly any.  The one I could name was more a piece of self-reflection -- that I have a lot of enthusiasm for learning new systems or approaches, and wanting to keep in touch with the need and my desire to make substantive impact on my business, rather than just go through another process of self-discovery or goal-setting.

What tangible results have you created out your work with Turtle Tank?

I have transformed my relationship to my business to one of excitement and creativity, rather than dread and obligation.  I have hired an accountant, bookkeeper, business attorney, and office helper, and am in the works to hire an operations manager and additional practitioners.  I have increased my revenue by 40%.

What insights led to those results?

That I was miserable :) That hiring someone to join the work of the practice is for me, not for them. That I am in charge of my business (i.e., it's not the boss of me.)

What was your experience of the Radical Purpose tool?

Revelatory! The more clear and defined my role is the more freedom, power, and creativity I have access to in my business and in my life.

If you feel comfortable, please share your Radical Purpose statement and/or Radical Purpose Roles.

Radical Purpose Statement: Seek and allow the revelation of wealth / healing within and between us

Radical Purpose Roles: Healer/Advocate, Sage/Student, Adventurer/Wayfarer, Siren/Savorer

How has the Radical Purpose tool changed how you work and live your life?

It’s guided me to include Desire in my work, and to remember my values and my joy in creating whatever the content of what I'm doing.

What would you say to anyone who’s considering working with Turtle Tank?

Turtle Tank is the place to be!  Not only have I benefited from all the good works and tools of this program over the past two years, but THE CONVERSATION we are having together and the field we are building together while we each do our own work is what makes the Turtle Tank one of my favorite places.  This is the community in which we are creating the world we need now.

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